Snake Charmers - 063

Respheal 14th Jun 2017, 12:00 PM edit delete

Thanks for reading and see you next week!


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Amarok 14th Jun 2017, 12:17 PM edit delete reply

something just swam past his foot. its wrecking his concentration.

rufiangel 14th Jun 2017, 12:43 PM edit delete reply

This made me laugh out loud xDD

As a side-note, that third panel looks really good, I love the angle and the pose and all the colours and dat water reflecty stuff hurr <3

Respheal 14th Jun 2017, 12:58 PM edit delete reply

Oh my god lol xD

@rufiangel Thank you! >w< <3

Kevtrev 15th Jun 2017, 5:01 AM edit delete reply

I find it interesting that that 5th panel (can you call it a "panel"?) is lopsided. It's completely unnecessary but I like it because it shows creativity......? #TryingToSoundLikeIKnowWhatImTalkingAboutAlsoDumbestHashtagEver

Respheal 15th Jun 2017, 10:42 AM edit delete reply

Hahaha, yes xD I was trying to be a bit more creative with paneling. Thanks!

Pip 15th Jun 2017, 5:13 AM edit delete reply

I counted my hours once and it was 3741

I really like how the water looks btw

Respheal 15th Jun 2017, 10:41 AM edit delete reply

Good lord I'm terrified of my hour count. I have no idea xD I never seemed to get very far though.

Thank you! <3

Bobblit 15th Jun 2017, 6:11 AM edit delete reply

In all this, I can't help but wonder what Artemis the telepathic horse may be thinking.

Respheal 15th Jun 2017, 10:40 AM edit delete reply

"Silly human playing in the big water. What's the silly human doing? Friend human seems nervous. I wonder when there will be oats."

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A cursed Magician on a quest to overthrow an ancient kingdom, a horseman who really just wants to get home to his girlfriend, and the windborne magic that binds them both.

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